Friends Beautifully Remembered

Your pet is a close companion and friend and has been for many years. So when your pet dies, you and your family will be understandably distraught. At the time and years after, it will help to talk about the good times you all had together, your pet's character and individuality.

What better way to remember them than to give them a lasting and beautiful stone pet memorial. No matter where your pet (or their ashes) are placed, a pet memorial will help you remember those good times whenever you see it.

Our comprehensive range, described on this site, are manufactured in the same way as the memorials you see in your local cemetery and they are just as skillfully made from real quarried stone, marble and granite. The inscriptions and symbols are indelibly cut into the surface of the memorial and we have made it easy for you to fix your pet memorial into your garden, on your wall or just to keep in your home.

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